"I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to better" - Frida Kahlo

Throughout my experience in the blogging and social media industries, I've seen women from all walks of life build online businesses with the simple purchase of a domain, including myself. What started out as a blogging venture after 17 years in the museum field, became a profitable and fulfilling career that contributed to the launch of an influencer agency to traveling around the country to speak and collaborate with like-minded women who were following their dreams of entrepreneurship.

My work revolves around building communities and helping women realize their dreams of working with brands and becoming a brand themselves. As someone who's specialty is art and photography, it has been inspiring to see women find the muse within themselves to create visually compelling content without any formal training. It has convinced me that we all have the ability to visually tell our story online.

Be the source of your own inspiration by creating compelling visual and marketing content that will take your brand to the next level. In today’s competitive online market, visual content is everything. We can help you bring your brand to life with custom-made social media marketing strategies.

Think you don't have what it takes to tell a beautiful visual story online?

      • You have an artist and a muse in you that's dying to come out.
      • You have the power to build a beautiful and visually appealing blog or business that brings you profit, inspiration and changes the lives of others.
      • You have the talent to be your best boss, marketer, photographer and community builder all in one.
      • You deserve to see your business or brand soar 

Are you ready to take your blog/brand to the next level? Fill out the form below and let's chat. Sessions start at $100.00 and up.

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