traveling light


When you spend your childhood and teen years in a school uniform, you learn to express yourself other ways. For me, it was shoes, bags, accessories and hair. And wow, did my hair make a statement back in the day. Fortunately, I've simmered down the hair (sort of) over the years. The shoe obsession still remains though. The higher, the better. And I don't discriminate with brands either. I mean, I love a beautiful Chanel or Valentino shoe - But, my luxury shoe shopping is limited to super special occasions. I love Zara for this reason. I get some serious shoe fixes taken care of here like these black/white heels. I've been all about this trend, by the way. Probably because I already wear black and white most of the time. Doesn't require much thought, especially if you're busy or traveling. I usually pack an entourage of shoes (and need to edit when I arrive at the airport and pass 50lbs for a 4 day trip!) But I think I did a lot better during my recent trip to Miami. I tried to not over-pack, including shoes. I pretty much relied on these, and worked it on out just fine because of their versatility and my already existing low-key colored wardrobe. Do you have a go-to travel shoe?