Into the sun


banana republic yellow (Banana Republic dress and clutch similar, Zara heels similar)

I haven't been shopping in months so when this chica spent the afternoon perusing the stores, I just felt like diving into all things color. I typically stick to black and white but as of late, I've been craving bright yellows and greens. The brighter the better. bryellow1 Even though I'm craving sunny colors these days, I always stick with a classic silhouette. An A-line is always the perfect go-to dress for a slimmer look. It's also feminine and perfect for hot days, and can be paired with heels or flats. And although flats are probably what I should be wearing considering my back is not where it should be yet, I just cannot live without heels. I was so happy to whip these out of closet - Even if it was just to wear for a short bit! bryellow10