year of the dragon


Well, the Chinese New Year celebrations are per-it-ty much done. But it is still the year of the dragon - all the way until February 9, 2013 - so I say let's make a dragon. I used a combination of lesson plans as inspiration. First, I got the dragon template and the main idea from Martha Stewart. I liked starting off with something more structured. However, if you look at her dragon, it's pretty perfect. I didn't want our dragon to be perfect. I wanted my son to have fun, relax and enjoy the process of creating. I decided to combine her template with Princetonol and a bit of good old fashion discovery. Oh, and music is a must.

I used materials found in my art bins - Glitter pens (which was applied on different areas of the dragon with a paint brush), construction paper, sparkles, glue, chop sticks, poster board, construction and tissue paper. Parents, if you do this project with your kids, I must tell you that the cutting part is very time consuming, and I foresee you doing most of the scissor work. It was a two day process for us. Our dragon now hangs in our at-home classroom. This year is supposed to be the luckiest year in the Chinese Zodiac. Bring it on!