what happened in vegas


I'm not into the stereotypical Vegas thing, at all. I don't gamble and I'm not sure I want to sit through a Celine Dion concert. However, the opportunity to see friends and maybe learn a thing or two - I'm so there ...

I'm still getting over doing the Dougie as per Doug E Fresh himself at this year's Blogalicious - A conference designed for influential multicultural women. It's fellowship, celebration and plain old fun. I was happily spared of "The Strip" happenings. All the good stuff took place amongst a circle of friends and the awesome women who were there to share their inspirational journeys. I also can't think of a place better than the Red Rock to take in a 'luxury in the desert' experience. Between the wandering about escapades with Ms. Presley's Pantry herself and a spa day with the Ana and Roxana, I'm ready for the next few weeks of work.