venice beach Hello! I took a few days off from the blog because it has been insanely busy around here. I've been logging off as soon as I'm done with work. I really try hard to be consistent with writing but back to school time makes it almost impossible to do anything extra. As you know, my little sister was in town and we spoiled her as much as possible. To say our farewells, we took her to her favorite place - the beach. Of all the places we visited, she enjoyed this the most. Although we did everything from art shows to amusement parks, there was nothing that could compete with the beauty of nature. She left on Monday, and I miss her already. santa monica beach Another reason I was a bit MIA had to do with two things: Reflection and TMJD. It was one of those weeks where a few things dawned on me. I realized that for years I had been enabling someone and presenting them to my son as someone they're just not. I was basically feeding them information so that my son would think they were involved in all aspects on their own. The things we do for our kids even if it hurts us to do it, huh? Well, it backfired. And rightfully so. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it. And I was dragging the horse for years. Until I really, truly realized - I am enough. I don't need to keep playing Santa for my son to create the illusion that others are just as involved as I am (which is ridiculous because I'm the one who is always there). I wonder if it's a woman thing. Why do we feel guilty about praising ourselves? Why are we so quick to accept the back seat even though we are steering the wheel? Sure, we'd like a perfect environment for our kids where everyone gets along. But when it's with people who are toxic to your mind and spirit, you're doing the opposite. Since deciding to shut that door, I feel a sense of calm and peace. Saying to myself that my love and commitment is enough was absolutely freeing. However, during this thought process, my jaw started to hurt and I got splitting migraine. Coincidence? I think not. But I'm happy to say that those symptoms went away. Well, sort of. TMJD may very well be in my life for good but it can be managed with maintenance. destinyrachel I'm happy that my health was pretty good when my sister was here. There was no way I could have survived BeautyCon if I had not been well. Wow! That was one crowded conference. I mean, I knew that beauty vloggers were huge but this put it into perspective. They are adored and admired by many young girls, like my sister. The day was a bit hectic but we managed to squeeze in a makeover courtesy of Shea Moisture. I am in love with the lip color I'm wearing. It's called Kenia and it goes on like buttah, baby. So good. You have to try it. Oh, and sorry about the pixelated image. It was taken with my phone, which I also used to document our trip to Knott's Berry Farm and share a picture of my son, who was in San Jose last week enjoying time with his Godmother. He started High School today ... but that's a whole other post. Stay tuned for that one. But in the meantime, you have to read my friend Denise's post about raising teen boys. I read it like "Thank you! Someone had to say it!" Check it out! tech museum, knott's berry, beautycon