Precious Metals collection by Circa - theartmuseMy evenings this week consisted of a lot of Science and History, as I'm helping my son through some tough classes this semester. If you've ever helped your or a child with homework, you know what that means. Wait. Let me rephrase that. If you've ever helped a teen with homework, you know what that means. They want the help, but when you help, it's wrong. So there was a lot that mixed in with laughter because I had to make the French Revolution and the digestive system somehow humorous to help us both get through long nights. During the day, I kept up with my normal work schedule and learned some cool things a long the way. I produce a really fun/informative series for work called #LatinaScopes. This week Nikki Novo (former editor of Refinery 29, Daily Candy, etc) joined us to talk about perfecting your writing even if you're not a great writer. It was really good. Check it out on Katch.

I also received this lovely collection from Circa (Creative Director is Eva Mendes) called Precious Metals. The liner, oh my, that liner. So amazing. I hosted a giveaway this weekend on Instagram, but if you want to grab your own set, here you go: Color Saturated eye crayons in Sparkling Citrine, Chocolate Diamond and Sapphire; Optical Illusion Mascara; Vivid Vinyl liquid liner; Fade to Black Precision eye ink.

urban decay vice palette - theartmuseThank you, LA! You have finally cooled down. Ah! Feels so great. Can't wait to try these yummy colors in Urban Decay's Vice palette, which are just perfect for autumn and winter.

theArtMuse studioI love makeup palettes but nothing beats a painter's palette. I finally set a schedule for myself to get back into the swing of creating art again. My son's eyes light up when he sees me drawing or working on something creative. It really is my happy place, and it shows. One day I will share how lost I am without it. But for now, I'm basking in the happiness that is my art studio (can't wait to share!) and my freshly "gessoed" canvas.

In other news of profound life moments, Latina Bloggers Connect turned 5 this week! So crazy. It feels like yesterday and as though I've been with the company for much longer. I wrote a couple of posts about my position and how it all started back when we announced our first conference #WeAllGrow and when we finished the conference. To celebrate, we are offering 5 winners the chance to win a ticket to the Summit in March, which is just going to be beyond epic. I can't wait. 

Well, my lovely muses, I will be back here next week. In the meantime, you can find me on Babble talking about the day I decided that hiring was a housekeeper was so necessary.