Luis De Jesus Los AngelesMy week in pictures is a few days late. I'm finally getting in some photo-editing time after a week of travel, lots of catching up and a few life-changing events. Where do I even begin? gallery2 Well. Let's start with last weekend. A few friends and I stopped by Luis de Jesus Gallery to see the group exhibition - The Road . The exhibition is about all of the choices presented in a journey. It explores free-will, fate, irony and irrationality and represents the achievements and failures experienced along the way. And may I also add that this exhibition was quite indicative of the week that waited for me (A week of inspiration, a car accident and my boyfriend relocating to Los Angeles). I am in an entirely new chapter in my life right now. And where will this road lead me? I think this time around, I'm going to just go for the ride. Too much over-thinking in my 20s. Too much trying to have it all in my 30s. Tomorrow - I turn 40. I'm gonna go ahead and pat myself on the back for all those accomplishments and equally embrace all those failures as well. Because without them, there would be no successes. This is really an amazing time. flight I flew up to San Fran this week for the Alt Summit conference, which was amazing. This was sort of a mini version of the main conferences held in Salt Lake City and NYC but I certainly left feeling very inspired. I will share all of those details this week. But seriously, the aerial views from LA up north are breathtaking. guac And viva los avocados! My friend Maura (and awesome food blogger at The Other Side of the Tortilla) hosted an #ILoveAvocados lunch for our client Avocados from Mexico. About 10 food and lifestyle bloggers were invited to partake in an afternoon of fruitful indulgence. honeylemon This. Best foot bath ever after admittedly wearing heels throughout a conference. Not advised. But if you're anything like me and need/must wear heels (even if you're on foot all day), this is an awesome little recipe to help relax those muscles. And speaking of travel, I also wrote an article about my partner in crime, Ana, who has the whole beauty/travel regimen down to a science. Here are her tips. I also did a Beauty Tips from Real Latina Moms round-up with Maura, who is also an Editor for And if you're into bright lip color this summer, my orange lips were featured (and in good company) on Mamiverse.