fireworksWatching last night's fireworks - with my son - while relaxing on a blanket under the star-lit sky - was perfection. It felt incredibly good to relax and watch the sky light up in awe. sketchpad So I dusted off the old sketchpad this week! While watching sitcoms and snacking on the couch with my son, I sketched a few things. I remembered how wonderful (and frustratingly good) it felt to draw a portrait. I will work on a few more sketches before I start posting them on the blog. I'm a bit rusty! bracelet In anticipation, I've been putting aside a jewelry pieces and outfits in preparation for my Alt Summit San Fransisco trip this month. It's a short trip but I'm very excited about going. Can't wait to be around the creative energy in one of my favorite cities - San Fran.

Also, this week - You can find me on Babble sharing my beauty tips for turning 40, my skincare tips for teen boys and my favorite vivid lips colors for summer. We also have a fun and yummy campaign with Avocados from Mexico over at LBConnect - There will be awesome recipes running about the blogosphere.

Have a great weekend!