Week In Pictures 12-18-15Hello muses! I hope you had a wonderful week so far and that you're somewhat ready for the holidays. I'm in the somewhat phase. The decorations are up but I still have shopping to do. My son headed to Philadelphia yesterday for some pre-Christmas fun with his grandparents so the week was hectic while he wrapped up some of his assignments and got everything ready for travel.

He was excited to see the Philly sites (he just watched Creed a few weeks ago) and catch up with his grandparents. I love that he has such a close relationship with them. They came into my life many moons ago and eventually became my in-laws for some time. After my divorce, they still did everything in their power to keep a loving and close relationship with him. I never discuss this publicly because it is not just my story, and I respect the privacy of others who were part of that chapter. But for the sake of reaching anyone out there who may need to hear this because they're going through a situation where families are split apart, I want to share the importance of putting egos aside when it comes to children. My son's grandparents have been wonderful about nurturing a relationship with their grandson (even during those times I was a pura chingona!). It was never an excuse to build a wedge. I was never a reason to stop something they already built with him. I admire and respect them greatly for always putting love first. I'm grateful that my son has amazing examples in his life. Missing him but I know he's in the care of people who are showering him with love. Thank the heavens above for abuelitos, right? I had a close relationship with mine, so I know how important it is to keep them close. Week in Pictures - theartmuseWhile my son eats his much anticipated Philly cheesesteak and runs up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum ala Rocky, I can spend the weekend getting his gifts and mailing packages to my family. His collection of nutcrackers are ready for his arrival next week (I spy Poseidon the cat in the background) and his gifts will be wrapped and ready for Noche Buena. He's only there for a few days. #fabfitfun - theartmuseThe season was kicked off with the delivery of fun goodies for moi, like this package from Fab Fit Fun. It's a subscription box of seasonal fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle products for a fraction of the cost. We did a campaign with them over at Latina Bloggers Connect, but I didn't expect to get a box as well. I'm all over those fingerless gloves this weekend! 

If you follow our #WeAllGrow Summit news, then you're definitely in the know of our daily announcements. Not only did we share our first round of speakers (me included!) but we announced the agenda today ... and it includes our much loved breakfast in bed treat. If you don't know much about the conference, check out #WeAllGrow Summit if you're a blogger or brand. The excitement is happening at Hotel Maya in Long Beach, CA on March 3rd-5th. 

I will be back on the blog next week! In the meantime, you can catch me on Periscope and Instagram