Week in pictures


adult coloring bookThe Coloring Book of Mindfulness and ink pencils = perfection 

This past week has been all about getting into a workout schedule, setting up work projects and crashing on the couch from exhaustion. I need my full 8 hours or I can't function. My son has been studying for finals and my fiancé is still working on our dining room table. Once it's done, I will be sure to share what was done.

In between, we've been taking it easy with an adult coloring book (which is better than meditation for me), a nice dinner at home or vegging on the couch with one or all of the cats. If you have a cat, you know I'm talking heaven here. There's nothing like cuddling with your fur baby at night while watching a movie (in our case basketball). We have four of them, so imagine all three of us sprawled us on the couch surrounded by cats after a long day of work, studying and sawing wood. It's quite the scenario.

poseidon cat

Poseidon never leaves my side.


Thank you The Crossings for quenching our thirst this week.


This V60 Dripper for coffee has been our BFF.