Hip Cooks Los Angeles Beautiful bouquet at Hipcooks 

It's been a full week of work but it didn't stop us from enjoying a few nights out with friends. That's one of the perks of having older children. You can go out without worrying about a babysitter. You get a little bit of that grown up time back, and can head out for things like a drink with friends or a date night ... on a weekday, of all things! We don't do it often because we like our family dinners, but sometimes you just have to indulge. Plus, do you think my 16 year old son minds having the place to himself for the evening? Not at all.

Life is too short, and it's very easy to get in rut when you have work, pay bills, and so on. But you have to make the effort to get dressed up and join the world. This week the fiancé and I went to a cooking and wine tasting event that was so much fun. We drank, we cooked and we ate. And then we ate some more. I will tell you all about in a separate post because the recipes are too good to not share. We also went to a much needed comedy show at Ice House Comedy (a landmark in Pasadena), which I had not been to yet. It was ridiculously fun, and I cannot believe it was my first time going. If you ever go, you must order their Monster Nachos. It's so good. 

I'm still not sure what we're doing this Memorial Day weekend. My fiancé is in the process of refurbishing a dining table and my son has finals coming up. The kiddo has a lot of studying to do. A lot. Hoping we can get away for a little bit and enjoy the weather. After all, it is a weekend to be thankful to those who served and sacrificed for our freedom. A bit of relaxation is in order. 

Gluten free greek pizzaMy favorite pizza from Tomato Pie, Gluten-free and ala Greek.

Los Angeles viewGorgeous view from Forest Lawn Memorial, where we recently saw the the Eyvind Earle exhibition.