My week in pictures is short this week. My son and I have both been feeling under the weather. A few trips to the doctor caused work to pile up, so I have spent a great deal of the week catching up. My lovely cat Athena always senses when I'm not feeling well, and tends to keep her eye on me throughout the day. She didn't leave my side while I worked. In other news, I started a workout routine a couple of weeks ago, and found that I am in love with coconut water. In fact, I've been using coconut for its overall awesomeness (inside and out) for years but I seriously cannot get enough of this stuff. I wrote an article about its beauty and health benefits for Latinamom, have a look. My son started the week off with soccer camp but wasn't up to going yesterday. He's been relaxing at home, but hopes to go today. His sneakers are barely worn in. Although we have not been feeling like our regular selves, the gestures of love that I've received this week have not gone unnoticed. Sometimes everything else needs to stop in order for you to really live those moments of gratitude and take care of yourself - mind, body and spirit.