How was everyone's weekend?

I got so caught up in my latest curatorial project, I felt I needed to get out for some air and inspiration (as is evident by my sniper in the shadows attire). It was a perfect time to check out Alex Pardee's work.

The show was crowded to say the least. We managed to snap some photos of his work ... and I was able to get a shot of the artist as well. I'm hoping to go back to Corey Helford - I missed too many details fighting off the crowd and standing in line to view each painting. I have to sit with these works. I'm blown away that these are acrylics and not oil.

We spent the rest of the night walking around, checking out the Culver City Art District - one of my favorite areas in LA. It was exactly what I needed.


(Hat/Urban Outfitters, jacket/F21, top/takeout, pants/Zara, shoes/Report)