UDeyesUrban Decay Summer nights at Aza Mesa

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     Baby kale, quinoa, shaved fennel, avocado, red grapefruit, grilled treviso, poppy seed vinaigrette

I was recently invited to an intimate dinner with Urban Decay at Asa Meza. It's a very chill restaurant with a tranquil and communal feel right in the heart of Hollywood. They have a great selection dishes focusing on Asian and Latina American cuisine ... I mean, who doesn't love a cocktail with empanadas underneath Japanese lanterns? Add every color of lipstick and eyeshadow Urban Decay has to offer for Summer and Fall, and it was kind of dreamy evening.

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La Moda by Andriana the Penny Closet

It was a really hot and humid day. My bangs started doing a handlebar mustache thing, and I could feel my water proof mascara fight for its life. However, my Latina Bloggers and Youtuber amigas, were so on point you'd never know.


The tables were covered with food, drinks and UD Summer Night colors ranging from bright lilacs to fiery reds. It was an all out celebration of vivid colors, fruity drinks and savory dishes.


Beef empanadas with chimichurri


I just looked on the Asa Meza site but did not see this dish listed. It was grilled spicy shrimp over grits. I need this recipe in my life. Time to do a Pinterest recipe search. Guys, if you love shrimp, this is one to try.

sambadancerAs the sun set, the samba dancers came out and grabbed a few of us, including me. I was on periscope at the time, and totally used that as an excuse to not show off my (lack of) samba skills. Being Latina does not guarantee the genetic ability of doing fancy foot work while smiling, as per my hilarious attempts during Zumba. I pretty much burn calories trying to not trip over my feet. The look on my face is far from graceful and my hands are just hoping they don't have to break my fall. This entire scenario popped into my head as she approached me. Ever been to an event with bloggers who are photographing everything? I did a little hip shake and politely declined.

Oh, hi, hey, um, I'm scoping ... And I really can't stop. But ... hey, look at her! She's free. Grab her! (and, safe)

OK, so this dessert was another big reason why I wanted to sit down. Tres leches is one of my favorites.

tres leches and urban decay makeup

Tres Leche cake with raspberry compote, vanilla bean whipped cream, mint

I'm sure you want to know more about all the beautiful makeup products sprinkled throughout this post. More details are in the works. In the meantime, enjoy what's left of summer! Do a little samba, have a few drinks and take in all the sunshine.