Didn't I say I was going to do this series weekly? ¿Qué pasó? My dear beautiful muses, I'm sure you totally get it. There's so much you want to do but there are just not enough hours in the day. I'm always figuring out ways to balance the day, the week, the year. It's really a myth. There is no such thing, but I certainly do try. Working full-time and parenting a teen is enough, amirite? But I love to write and take pictures, and so desperately want to fit it all in. This here blog is my little baby. My outlet. So here I am, once again, attempting to really make the time to do the things I love. We all need to do that, even when life throws a curve ball. This past week included a (not-so) surprise that momentarily caused a bit of frustration and sadness. But as you get older, you certainly get wiser about life. When an unpleasant situation happens - Say what you feel (to the person, in a journal or to your best friend), accept how you feel (acceptance will help you not stay stuck in the emotion) and let it pass (like gas). Kidding. But not really.

And if you're lucky, you learned another valuable life lesson that will empower you.

There are way too many joys in the world to stay mentally stuck on situations you have no control over. For example, a day off from work. Yes! We got to sleep in today, leisurely eat breakfast and cuddle with the cats. Here we go: kitten theartmuseSo. You know the joke about growing older and becoming a cat lady? Well, I've joined the team. I'm officially a cat lady. I have four cats now. My friend told me that you need to have 6 cats to qualify, but I may have to disagree. When you trip over one cat to grab another, you're on a whole other level of catdom. And when you use words like catdom ... Well, you get the drift. But my son, being the sales person that he is, begged me to adopt one of the kittens his friend was giving away. He sent me pictures and many convincing texts (like, "mom look at that face .. how can you say no?"). OK. It really didn't take much. Sigh. My Catholic guilt got the best of me and I drove to his friend's house to see the kittens. This little guy made it home with us. To keep up with the Greek God/Goddess theme we seem to have going on (Here is Zeus and Athene), we named him Poseidon. kitten siamese theartmuseThree cats wasn't enough, obviously. My son's other friend (are you keeping up?) could not keep the cat he brought home. While I was at Alt Summit, my son sent me yet another convincing text (followed by a phone call while I was in an elevator between conference sessions) alarming me that the "white cat" needed a home. Add travel mom guilt to the already existing Catholic guilt one, and, well, you know the rest. I told him it was OK until we found another home for him. That clearly did not happen. He too is part of the family now. We named him Apollo.

Poseidon and Apollo are half brothers. Apparently the mother cat can be pregnant with two dads at the same time (What? Call Maury!). She's full Siamese, and I believe Apollo's dad is half. Poseidon's dad looks like a Calico. We've been slowly introducing our bigger cats, and so far so good. Zeus has tried his "I am the dominant cat" stuff, which was too be expected. But he's been gentle. Athene decided she was going to let us know who's boss by cutting out a hole for herself in our brand new box spring. We've been very cautious about sharing the love evenly so no one's feelings get hurt. How's that for cat lady talk? All jokes aside, it's been so much fun welcoming these beautiful little fur babies into our home. dodger stadium montejo Crazy cat ladies do get out too, you know. One of our clients at work is Montejo Beer. It's been a blast collaborating with this brand and Youtubers/Viners. We were all invited to a fun tailgate event at Dodger Stadium, where we had the whole place to ourselves. Stay tuned for more on that.

There you have it guys. My week(s). See you back here next week! Have an amazing 4th of July!