Here and there, I've added personal style posts. My goal this year is to increase the number. Not because I think I'm some fashion-forward guru (ew, did I just say guru?) but because I love clothes. That's all. I'm not a stylist. I'm not a fashion insider. I love style. And when I say style, I mean anything that you want it to be. What makes you feel good. What fits your lifestyle. What fits your body. I like to take ideas from magazines and add my practical "but I live in the real world" spin on it. As much as I yearn to wear Jeffery Campbell's (the full on glitter ones), it's not the kind of thing I can get into right now. I totally would but that darn "mom voice" always creeps in. I'm always seeking the art show-meets-mom balance. Day to night finds. The mix of highs and lows. A great sale. No fuss. But always, always chic. At the end of the day, whether it's casual or evening attire, it must be chic and it must classic. That's my thing. What's yours?

(shirt, shoes/Zara, coat, bag, necklace/H&M, pants/urban outfitters, lipstick/chanel rouge)