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Believe it or not, TMJ disorder can affect your vision. The muscles around your eyes tighten causing blurred vision, light sensitivity, severe dryness and eye floaters (as if all the other symptoms were not enough). It was very difficult to get work done with impaired vision (Excel spreadsheets were dreadful to look at). Worried that my vision issues were possibly something else (I started seeing flashes of light, which is a sign of a possible torn retina), I scheduled a thorough eye exam. Admittedly, visiting the opthamologist was not something I did often. I was actually a bit nervous at what the doctor may find.

Picking out the right frame for Transitions Lenses

Fortunately, my vision was healthy but the doctor did find that I had an astigmatism, which makes me more prone to floaters. Those buggers are very annoying when you are working at the computer or trying to enjoy a beautiful blue sky. My doctor suggested Transitions® to help lessen the annoyance of seeing black webs in my vision while protecting my eyes from harsh light. Transitions® Lenses darken instantly as soon as you step outdoors and quickly become fully clear indoors. They're also great for those who stare at computer all day, like me.

When it came time to pick out frames, I had no idea what to choose. I have two pairs of glasses that I picked out years ago when I was in the museum field but I wanted something completely different. Back then, the decision was a no-brainer – Rectangular black framed glasses or the no frame look. I still loved them but I wanted a frame with a bit of color to brighten up my face and a cat eye to compliment my square-ish (but sort of round) structure. It was a tough decision because I never really got in the habit of wearing the glasses I did have (and was supposed to wear). There was no longer a choice in the matter.

Because my eyes were so dry and I wasn't able to wear a lot of eye makeup, I went with a red frame that would go well with a red lip. Just because I wasn't feeling well and had to make a lot of changes, didn't mean that I had to stop caring about the way I looked and felt. I refused to let this disorder defeat me.

I'm happy to report that with TMJ treatment my vision has improved a bit along with a long list of symptoms I hope to never experience again. I can't say that I'm thrilled about the eye issues I had to endure, but I'm glad that it gave me a kick in the butt to have my eyes checked. Vision is something we take for granted, and we shouldn't wait for an emergency to have them checked out. In fact, Transitions® Lenses and celebrity stylist Irma Martinez have teamed up to educate people (especially Latinos) on the importance of taking care of our vision by going to the doctor, eating well and enjoying the process of buying frames to go with you personal style. If you're wondering what kind of frame would go with your face, here a few great tips to remember when you go shopping.

Hope this post encourages you to make an appointment to have your eyes examined. Thank you Transitions Optical for the opportunity to tell my story and for helping to spread awareness about vision care. If you’re shopping around for frames that fit your style, Transitions® are available in super chic colors like grey, brown and graphite green in variety of designs. If you want to learn more, follow them on Facebook!

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