billys blue mascaraWhen it comes to makeup application, I'm pretty laid back ... Once I spend an hour fussing with this hair, I just can't be bothered sometimes. I do love makeup, but I can't say that I'm in love with the process of applying it every day. I'm very natural most days, and pretty much stick with a mascara and gloss. To go out, I definitely kick it up a notch but I still like to look like me. I think makeup should enhance your beauty and features, not hide them. But on the days I'm exhausted, I need a lot of help making these eyes look bright and alert. I have naturally low lids and dark circles under my eyes so one hint of tiredness shows up in my eyes immediately. So what to do?

I was given the opportunity to try out celebrity makeup artist's William Squire's blue mascara and lip gloss, and I got to ask him a few questions that I felt were relevant to the busy woman who does not have a lot of time but still want to look great. Isn't that all of us? I figured William would know. He created a navy blue mascara designed to brightens eye and make lashes look like velvet. Sounds like a plan, if you ask me!

What are your 3 tips for making tired eyes look brighter?

William: Use eye shadows that are not matte. Try using a color that is a bit brighter with some illuminating qualities: a sparkly champagne or glowing beige. In addition, navy blue mascara, like Billy’s Blues, will make the whites of the eyes look whiter and brighter! A good highlighter (something like YSL Touche Éclat) around the eyes to brighten the area and get rid of darkness is a must. A white pencil drawn into the bottom water line area of the eye can make the eye seem more alert and open. Eye drops to get the red out are always helpful, too! What items should a woman on-the-go always have with her in makeup bag?

William: A good all-purpose lip gloss, like Billy’s Brilliance, a concealer pen, blotting papers (for oily skin), a navy blue mascara, eye drops, purse spray perfume, a smidge of foundation and small purse foundation brush, one crème blush or bronzing powder and one eye brow pencil—all for touch ups if necessary! billy's brilliance lip gloss What are your tips and suggestions for women who have 5 minutes to get ready?

A complete makeover should not take more than five minutes. Make sure that you have the products that you need in front of you –and nothing more. A quick sweep of foundation on the areas that you need to even out.

1. A nylon brush makes this easy and quick. Use small, fast strokes downward on the skin. 2. Next, lip stick applied over the lips with an added touch of gloss on the bottom lip. 3. Blush brushed lightly high on the cheeks, into the hairline, and around the face and neck. 4. A few stroke of eyebrow pencil, powder or gel, if needed, to complete the brow. 5. One soft eye shadow color over the whole lid and eye area. Eyeliner, if needed, and one application of mascara on the top lashes.

Done, out the door! Remember, less is more. No one should ever come up to you and say that they like your makeup—that means you have too much. Someone should comment on how beautiful YOU look, not your makeup!