Week in Pictures


the goldstein residence  This week has been absolutely full. Notice I said full and not busy? Big difference. From the work I do to the decisions I make every day, each action is filled with intent and purpose. Even on those days when I'm color coding Excel sheets, the bigger picture keeps me going - Building and strengthening online communities. Outside of work, I wear many other hats as well. As I sat through this week's PTA meeting and went through pages and pages of budget reports, I'm there (we are all there) to ensure that our kids have a wonderful high school experience. I was also happy to receive a phone call asking me to chair the school's annual art contest and exhibit along with the district. I have a lot on my plate but I could not say no. the goldstein residence But what does the PTA and work have to do with these pictures? Not much. But this house is far more beautiful to photograph than my piles of paperwork and keyboard, no? Part of the perks of working so hard is being able to attend fun events hosted by brands like L'Oreal. Although I was there to work, it was exciting to be invited to the infamous Sheats Goldstein residence. While everyone gathered to network, I found myself more fascinated with the organic architecture of the home. I didn't get to see everything because I didn't want to be that weird woman walking around with a camera. But I would not mind being invited back to really take in all of the architectural details, the view and its amazing (and scary) open terrace.

I hope you all have a lovely Labor Day weekend!