Smells like teen spirit


The days of angst, questioning society, too much grunge and metal, oil paint stained pants, motorcycle boots, Clinton and ... well, college. Yes, that was my college experience. SVA in the 90s (not a frat school, my friends). I would venture to say that hacky sack was considered a sport during my time there. Oh, and paint ball. Not that I did any of those activities. I was likely immersed in an Alice in Chains song, skipping class, and heading to our (smoke filled) school cafeteria to play pool while imagining what my next profound painting will be. Oh, yes, I had it ALL figured out. That's what being Gen-X was all about.

All the memories came back to me while digging through my mother's old photos of me. I found many pics from my angst years and sincerely wondered why I made things so complicated when it was really, really all too simple. Ah, to be young. The green jacket you see above was purchased during my anti-establishment and anti-consumerism phase, which was some time between 91-92. During this time, I only wore clothes that were sold on the street or a hole in the wall store that, thinking back, were pretty scary. If you're from NYC, these were the years (many moons ago) when the village was actually cool and when "underground" was actually underground.

I no longer wear this green jacket but it brings back great memories of a NY that no longer exists. It still hangs in my closet as a reminder of a great time in my life.

(Body suit by American Apparel, boots by Steve Madden, polish by China Glaze)