My son and I goofed around so much making pop tarts and creating jelly bean boxes, I'm surprised I managed to get any photos out of the experience. He's thirteen and I still make him do crafts and cutesy things as a mom and son "thing". After all, what is Valentine's day if you can't sweeten it up a bit?

We had a great time making pop tarts from scratch (well, the dough was already packaged). He piled on the jam and the glaze ... but that's what makes baking with kids so much fun. They're like mini-chefs passionately adding ingredients and imagining how good their creation is going to taste. I used a really simple recipe from Babble - with pie crust and strawberry jam. I topped the tart with a glaze and a sprinkle of red sugar. It was about a 20 minute mission. They taste so good. If you buy the boxed ones - get rid of them. Seriously. These are quick and a lot better. You can see the finished product here.

Like I mentioned last year, I'm not a big Valetine's Day person. I like to keep it simple with a few projects designed to create memories. Really, that's what it's all about. I hope you and your special person have a wonderful Valentine's Day!