Here's a snippet of our trip to the San Diego Zoo last weekend. Beautiful, huh? How can one say there isn't a God. When we got there, we were so excited we didn't think to get a map. We wandered around for a while. Don't do that. After catching up with the flamingos about three times, wondering how we got there again, we finally decided to map our way around the zoo.

I love the zoo's exhibits and the pathways set up for visitors. You can really get close (safely) to the animals. I don't recall ever being that close to a Polar bear's paw. Absolutely beautiful. The Gorilla's hand just blew me away. Just take a look at the texture. And of course, San Diego being the haven for perfect weather that it is, made walking around a pleasurable experience. My childhood recollection of east coast zoo trips included 100% humidity followed by sweat and sticky skin. The only respite I found was the mild cool breeze of the bat exhibit. I can actually remember the summer the bat exhibit was closed for renovation. It was a hot day. A long hot day. But back to last week. The options for food at SDZ were pretty impressive as well. We made a pit-stop at Albert's during our journey through the park. The food was really delicious. You must try their strawberry shortcake. Don't worry. You can walk it off. And that we did, until we reached the other side of the park and rode the Sky Tram back to the parking lot. And, just so you guys know, I may have been cured from my fear of flying, but the Sky Tram is not my thing yet. As a child, I could not get enough of it. After I had my son, I developed this mortality awareness that turned Sky Trams into "I'm hanging by a hook. In the middle of the sky. Help me." experience. I did it though. I had my closed the whole time but baby steps. I'm so looking forward to our next trip to San Diego. Have you been?