so fresh & so clean


I'm back with a skincare obsessed post. This time, I have a secret to tell. I'm 38. No, that's not it. My age is not the secret. The issue is that I'm 38 and still get acne. What's up with that? I suppose that's nature's trade-off for the no-wrinkle thing? Well, not yet anyway. My day will come, but as my mother always says "Si no es Juan, es Pedro." So, for now zits (aka Juan) has been an on-going daily thing for me. Prior to working with Neutrogena through LBC, I used their products to keep break-outs under control and to help with "las manchas." My never-ending goal has been to walk out of the house without foundation on my face, a bit of mascara, shiny hair and done. Is that too much to ask for? My skincare regimen consists of washing my face before bed followed by a Vitamin-A cream (this is a confession, by the way). I wash again first thing in the morning and use toner and SPF moisturizer. I don't smoke. I'm not much of a drinker. I'm not the sun bathing type. Wow, this is starting to sound more like "top ten reasons why Rachel should not be invited to an island vacation." Anyway, what can I say, it was never my thing. However, caffeine is my poison of choice and likely contributes to my acne but I'm not giving up my cafecito.

Neutrogena invited me to learn more about how they're working with the Latino community, which always makes me happy to know that someone is on top of our particular skincare concerns, including cancer. It is so important to put that SPF on folks, and it's equally important to continue re-applying as the day goes on. My son leaves this house slipping and sliding sometimes but the sun in LA can get brutal during the summer. I will be writing a post for LBC with all the skin-protection details shortly. In the meantime, tell me about your skincare routine, including what you do (or don't do) to protect your skin from the sun.

Thank You Neutrogena for the The Difference in Beauty invitation at The London.