wonder years


My son is so shy, I have no idea what to do about it - Said the other mom about her son. That's not my story. This little guy right here keeps me super busy with sports, friends, schoolwork and lots of questions and observations that take the credit for my now permanent furled brow. He keeps me going. In a few days, he starts middle school. Naturally, he has mixed feelings (nervous and excited). I'm just mostly nervous. I could write a whole thing about it. But, as the daughter of a therapist, I will spare you from my super analytical take on, well, everything. In short, it's a whole new chapter for both of us. To support his passion for comics and sports, we spent an entire afternoon at Sears picking out clothes, coordinating and saying "no way, you're not getting that" to each other. We had a fun time. But ever so often, he had to put up with that look on my face. The one that places him back in his crib. Echoes the sound of his toddler laugh. Walks with him hand-in-hand on the first day of kindergarten. Yes, that one, parents. At the same time, he's at such a great age. We love hanging out, talking about life, the future ... This is such a wonderful time. Parenting is an amazing and brilliantly colored journey, isn't it? They grow up. We become wiser.

But they never stop being our babies.

Thanks to my hubby for the fun pics.

(Apparel: Levis, Lees, Canyon River Blues, UK Style French Connection, Chemistry, Marvel Comics for Sears. Hat/glasses from Urban Outfitters).