After my guacamole post, it seems I disappeared into a world of wizards and potions. Well, if this world includes my laptop and Power Point, then, yes, that is exactly where I've been. As I sit here typing with my wand and robe in tow, I feel the need to confess something to you. I have never watched a Harry Potter movie nor have I read any of the books. Gasp! How can I even justify being a mom in the last decade?

My son read the books and has watched the films a million times, and talks about it with his friends and family. A lot. Perhaps I have a case of Potter overload? PotterPhobia? Potteritis? OK, this is probably the point where my son would say, "Mom, knock it off".

Truth is, I enjoy listening to my son enthusiastically tell me about it, and it seems he likes introducing me to the latest storyline. Why ruin a good thing? When I see he is really into something, I always try to find an addition to the experience, albeit an event or art show. Gallery Nucleus is always good like that. I love that they stay true to the hands-on aspect of movie-making and curate exhibits that bring characters to life in various forms. I get to learn about the characters through maquettes and my son gets to learn about Drew Struzan. It works.

If you're in LA, Gallery Nucleus awaits your arrival.