brian m viveros on theartmuse

Undeniable technical skill and breathtaking hues of red are the first things I notice in Viveros' work. The immaculate details call me in with urgency as an invitation to greet the subject who is unapologetically gazing right back at me head on. brian m viveros on theartmuse

The powerful women of Brian M. Viveros

The subjects in his paintings are delivering a message of empowerment, strength and vulnerability. After all, there is no strength without vulnerability, I feel. These women have the complete package of depth and heroism,. They've been through it all, have no regrets and are ready to take on the next fight. To protect their wounds, they're covered in armor, headdresses and the head of a tiger or panther, which warns the viewer to not get too close. You will get hurt. In many ways, these women remind me of Klimt's Pallas Athene - a painting I identified with for many years.

brian m viveros on theartmuseSome of the women in Viveros' work are scarred and bruised, but they're survivors. They fought in the war, dusted themselves off and lit a cigarette like what. They ooze confidence, sensuality and power. brian m viveros on theartmuse brian m viveros on theartmuseI took these images back in November during the Brian M. Viveros Matador exhibit at Thinkspace. The show was up for a few weeks, so I was very excited that I caught it. If you're new to the artist's work, you can check out his paintings and other projects here or go ahead and grab yourself the The Dirtyland book. brian m. viveros