eat at potToday I present to you a whole lot of saucy deliciousness from POT. If you love Korean food and you live in LA then there's no need for me to introduce the chef behind these amazing dishes, Roy Choi (the genius behind the Kogi food truck). eat at pot We recently announced that we will be hosting our We All Grow conference at the Line Hotel in K-Town, which is also the home of POT restaurant. The hotel itself has a swanky vibe when you first enter but upon further inspection it echoes much of the Latino and Asian sub-cultures of LA (more on the hotel in another post), which includes every day objects like bodega items, toys and balloons deliberately placed within the sleek design of the hotel. It is not the Standard by any means, which is perfect for this native New Yorker who misses the gritty beauty of the city and the savory joy of eating at a restaurant that embodies the local community. If you're looking for a food and cultural experience, then this is for you. If you want romance and ambiance, you may need to keep driving down Wilshire. eat at pot I'm not a food critic and can't say that I'm versed in Korean cuisine (whether it's from Seoul or LA) by an means, but I like food with a kick and a lot of soul - and this certainly delivers. I've been to POT three times already and I can't leave without ordering the steamed dumplings and the Old School, which is marinated rib-eye bulgogi mixed with noodles, kimchi, scallions and sesame. And, yes, it reheats well. Nothing like having this for lunch the next day. The servings are not small so that's an important one to know. eat at pot My last visit was for a work meeting so I got to try a few new things from the menu, like their BBQ Galbi and the Redono Beach, which is a pot of spicy crab mixed with bean sprouts, onions, tofu and mira. The dish was good but not my favorite, as I tend to favor the BBQ dishes. But worth a try if you're a seafood lover. eat at pot While you're enjoying your dish, take a second to look at the details that make this place all the more personal. Each table has cubbyholes underneath to store bowls, cups and chopsticks because there will not be a whole lot of room on your table for such clutter. And take a look at the walls (2nd picture on top). The decor may look like floral wall paper from afar but what you see are actual real dried flowers pressed into the walls, which gives the space that homey feeling you get when you're eating a local comfort food spot after an exhausting day. You know that feeling. pot1 No matter what you order, you have to get it with the Kimchi fried rice. I can eat this whole thing alone. It's so good, and I'm super excited that I will be able to share these meals with my blogger friends from all the country in a few short months. Blogger or not, you have to give this place a try. eat at pot POT is open daily from 11 AM-11 PM.