Pixel vision


My husband is all about Iphone photography. His dad is a photographer and an avid gadget collector - a love and passion he has passed down to his son. I can't always keep up with the gadgetry in this house nor can I follow most of his 'guess what just came out?!' questions. I knew OCCCA's Pixels: The Art of the Iphone exhibit would be ideal for him. I still don't take the time to use the phone as a camera ... planner and GPS. Still working on it.

Needless to say, Pixels was a very interesting show for me as well. I was shocked to see nudes that resembled that of Man Ray. It is really amazing how a phone can capture the essence of a person, a room or a place. Some of the landscapes were pretty breath taking.   Definitely a show for Iphone lovers/vets and for those who are still in the honeymoon phase of discovery (like me).

It's a pretty extensive show with the space divided into quadrants. According to Life in LoFi, the artists included are - Maia Panos, Kimberly Post Rowe, Jon Betts, Unruly_E, Alan Kastner, Christian Peacock, Max Berkowitz, Jose Chavarry, Laura Conomy, Linda Schenck, Paul Moore, Jaime Ferreyros, and many other outstanding iPhoneographers.

If you had the chance to check it out, would love to know what you think.