Small doses


theArtMuse I've had this blog now for ... hmmm ... six years? And I still have not been able to figure out a consistent posting schedule that works best for me. Between a career (which started because of this blog) and parenting, it seems I can never stick to a 3-day a week or 5-day a week publishing plan. I've tried just about every combination, and something always changes. I've also asked myself if it makes more sense to do 2-3 longer posts a week as opposed to shorter ones each day. Yep,  just like many bloggers, I too ask myself these questions about my editorial calendar. After weighing things out (and accepting that I'm a one woman show and cannot do it all), I decided that it may make more sense for me to create shorter posts more frequently as opposed to longer edits, which take forever. I love them, but the drafts sit for too long. As much as I'd love to have all my posts be these beautifully curated streams of photos telling a visual story, it's not always possible. I end up leaving huge gaps of time between posts, and that's not a smart thing to do when you're building an audience. For example, the photo above has been sitting in my blog's drafts for weeks. I was going to add the products I used ( I took tons of pictures), link back to affiliates and give a description of everything. I decided to make that another post .. or several posts so that I can really get into details. Otherwise, I will never get anything up. 

If you're a blogger, consistency is important. But you also have to do what works best for you. You're going to have a ton of expectations of yourself, which is fine, but you also have to be realistic with what you can handle. The only way to figure that out is to try a variety of schedules. Set time aside for shooting days and writing days, and take it from there. You may find that shorter posts work for you or that one long beautiful story once or twice a week is more your thing. In my case, longer edits take me a longer time. And there's so much I want to share, and never get to it. 

I will still do my curated posts, but expect more updates throughout the week. Albeit shorter updates, but a lot more frequency (more business tips, art content, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, recipes, shew ... all of it). For example, instead of writing about all the products I'm wearing in this post, you can shop the story below. I will add more details in other stories, as I get adjusted to my new editorial calendar! 

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