paletas-theartmuseThis is by far the cutest looking post I ever put up - in all its peach and yellow glory. But I just had to join the paleta craze by making a few of my own. My son loves mangos. I love peaches. We both love popsicles. Win-win situation.

Ingredients 1 cup of puréed mango (I bought mine already peeled at Trader Joe's) 1 cup of puréed peaches (I boiled them first and removed the skin before putting them in the blender) 2 tablespoons of raw sugar 1/4 cup of water

Preparation Heat the water and add sugar until it dissolves. Combine the purées in a mixing bowl and stir in the water/sugar mix. Fill your molds to the top (I left a little bit of room) and that's it! This will fill 6 large molds or 8 small ones. I left it in the freezer about 4 hours.