I love Valentine's Day. Love. It. And anyone who knows me would tell you I'm so full of it. OK, I'll admit I was never really into this day but ... when you have kids it's a whole other story. I see it as a day to do something out of the every day. For example, eat an insurmountable amount of pink and red sugar. I mean, really. When would that ever be acceptable? Valentine's Day, of course. I've been adding cooking/baking time into my son's schedule, and who better to have a baking session with than Nicole? We used this recipe. Sugar addition - totally our idea. We also switched it up with heart shapes and apricot jam. Très yum!

Have a sweet Valentine's Day. It's a great day to make some art, cook and eat candy (alone, with friends, family, your cat, whoever you love or like). My son requested we bake apple pie together to celebrate our love for apples. Sounds like a date!