holidaymuseumgiftguide theartmuseAs you can see by my Gift Guide (or wish list for some items), I miss working for museums. I've often thought of ways I could possibly incorporate it back into my life. Maybe lecture on the weekends or teach a workshop at night? Not sure I can swing it right now. In the meantime, as I finally start the process of decorating my home, I can't think of a better place for inspiration than a museum. It also inspires me to add more statement pieces into my wardrobe. I recently wrote a post for Babble where I listed several museum gift stores as shopping options for the holidays, and found myself wanting everything.

If you're still looking, here are a few options to get add a bit of fine arts to your list.

1. American Thumbprint Goblets at The Met Store 2. Guilloché Stripes Scarf at The Met Store 3. Edgar Degas: Spanish Dancer Sculpture at The Met Store 4. Tibetan Pendant Cuff in Turquoise at The Met Store (My pick is also featured on Latina) 5. Modern Women - Women Artists at the Museum of Modern Art 6. Peacock Feather at The Met Store 7. La Dolce Vita Necklace at Legion de Young 8. Tapestry Soap Dish at The Getty Store 9. Gingko Votive at The Huntington Museum