Misappropriation, is was an exhibit that gave the artists freedom to re-contextualize an image (found on the internet or elsewhere) and basically bring it back to its original purpose and capture its essence as opposed to the branded image, if you will. The show is down now. It ran from January 23rd through the 30th at Orange Studio and featured works by Ray BeldnerBrendan LottSonja Schenk, and Annie Seaton. I had the privilege of meeting and chatting with two of the four artists.

Annie Seaton's work is inspired by the surfers of Malibu and Venice beaches. From far, I thought the surfers were painted in - the canvas is actually a collage mixed with acrylic. I don't have it here but there were smaller works, where she played with negative space by removing aspects of the landscape. I really enjoyed the freedom of her figures.

After cavorting around the space for a bit, we ran into these portraits and pretty much planted ourselves here until we can figure out who was who.

The artist Ray Beldner confirmed our guesses. It's pretty amazing how little detail we need to recognize a face. We are absolutely inundated with the same imagery - over and over - via TV and the internet. This collection made me realize I needed to get back to nature and maximize my reading time. I don't even really watch TV and when it comes to the internet, I develop a roaring case of A.D.D. Aside from posts on this here blog, I have a hard time reading or "surfing" for information without get antsy and irritable, so I have to make my usage very brief and in spurts. And still, I was able to recognize an extremely blurred image of Britney Spears. I renewed my library card that following Monday. That's the beauty of art - puts things into perspective.

I hope you all had a splendid weekend!