Yesterday I sent a text to my friend Ming exclaiming 'Stop ignoring me!'. I'd love to organize a show with her and the drag between communication gave me a minor heart attack.

Turns out, Ming is way too busy these days. She may have to pencil me in for later. That's quite alright. She's been showing her work everywhere (like the Giant Robot show in SF) and just recently had her work featured in American Illustration 29! My excitement is a bit two-fold though. Of course, I am super proud of Ming and all she is doing and the recognition she is getting as an artist ... but you see that cute little darling holding a woman's bra? That painting now belongs to me ... I mean us. We bought this work over a year ago and, although layered with stories of cultural and emotional disconnect, the 50's style presentation and bright colors allows me to read the story as a children's picture book. Once there however, the dialogue hits your core. I love that about her work. I had to have this illustration.

Well Ming, if you read this .. I am proud of you. Love your work and pssst....call me. xoxo

(Photo from The Art of Ming Ong)