mlkquotesmI'm certainly no stranger to taking risks for the betterment of my life - Pursuing an education I was told was not possible for me, applying for positions at art institutions that seemed out of reach, distancing myself from life situations that do not honor who I am and walking into the unknown - this quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. resonated with me the most. It was with faith (in myself) that I walked up that staircase, step by step, and found myself, my core, my happiness.

It was not too long ago that my son and I traveled to Washington D.C., where we got the opportunity to see the Martin Luther King Day Jr. Memorial. One of the most breathtaking experiences I've had to date, especially when my then 12 year old son read Dr. King's words out loud as we sat and reflected on all those who have sacrificed so that we can have the freedom to take risks and share what we've learned with others.