Aunt Maria's macaroni salad


Hello there,

I have a Saturday recipe (ish) for macaroni salad, which could/should/would be a great side dish for your Super Bowl party tomorrow. If you're not watching the Super Bowl (like me) then it's basically for any day.

Now, this little side dish is a family favorite. My aunt Maria was always counted on to bring it by whenever we had a get-together. However, if your family is anything like mine, they never wrote down how they actually made it. So, the rest of us pretty much had to create spin-offs ... All good though because this is super easy and quick to make.

I started with a one pound bag of Elbow pasta (preferably Goya - I love the consistency and ridged surface) and set to boil. I diced about 6 ounces of smoked ham into little squares. To add color, texture and flavor, I added small cubes of yellow, red and orange bell peppers. I used about half of each pepper. When the pasta was done and drained, I added about a 1/4 cup of vinegar and approximately 4-5 tablespoons of mayonnaise. I slowly sprinkled in the ham and peppers while stirring. Now, the best part of this salad are the olives. Make sure you use spanish salad olives with pimientos. Everyone in my family makes it a little different. My mother uses way more peppers and less mayo. I am the only one who adds chives as an embellishment. It's one of my husband's favorite side dishes. He suggests that you prep and eat the next day when all the flavors have set in. I made it and ate it right after. It's yum.

Well, my friends ... a comer! Adios!

(Sabroso Saturday)