Like buttah, baby


Enlite beauty products at CVS Since removing gluten from my diet, my upper arms have cleared up drastically. I had Keratosis pilaris. You know, those bumps that look like chicken skin? I've always had them, and found it hard to remove no matter how much I exfoliated. I had no idea that it was related to diet for many people.

As they started to disappear, I could not stop touching arms over and over in amazement. I wrote Facebook posts about it, I forced my teen son to be interested about my revelation and I kept my mom up to date every time a bump went away. It was sort of a big deal.

With summer around the corner and a new set of silky guns, I tried a few of Enlite Beauty skincare products to take the wow factor up a notch. The first thing I noticed was how amazing their skin products smell. It's like being in a spa. I kid you not. I was like can I just dive into a pool of this?Their products are designed for the busy woman who's looking for a 'quick fix' but also love a great sensory experience. Oh, they delivered, my friends.

Halter tops here I come!

Enlite is available at CVS. I highly recommend: Scrub + Glow Facial Microdermabrasion, Clay Time Purifying Deep Cleansing Treatment Mask, Liquid Assets Detoxifying Platinum Peel-Off Mask (hero product), Skin like But-Tah Super Hydrating Body Butter, Hot Rock Renewal Polishing Pumice Body Scrub, and Check Your Bags at the Door Hydrating + Depuffing Eye Pads. You can see all the goods at Enlite Beauty.