Something is in the air. Mercury retrograde? It must be that. I’m not an avid astrology follower. I’m pretty on and off with it but it’s something I grew up with, for sure. Hello? Walter Mercado anyone? This month, I read that at some point, in the middle of my ‘things are phenomenal’ high, I would go through a shift so it’s best to hold off before making any major decisions. That’s life. Things happen. But I’m a Leo. I need answers. I’m a typical Leo right down to the cave napping and roaring. Not only am I Leo but I was born in the year of the Ox. I mean, OK, I get it “Universe”, I'm a strong-willed person. I didn’t need the confirmation from across the globe. There is not always an answer. There are things in life that are beyond my control ... But wait, hold on just one sec. That is not entirely true. I can control my thoughts. My perception. I can control how they make me feel. I can control the emotional component that comes along with my thoughts. Ah, now that sounds good. That satisfies my inner Ox and Leo. So, Mercury, you can be pesky all you want. Bring it. It’s all good.

(blouse: gap, bangles: h&m, necklace: urban outfitters)