We keep saying 'we should to take a trip up north some time in February'. I'd like to change that verb to need and will. There is no way I can live knowing I did not fully indulge my obsession with ruff collars by missing Legion of Honor's Pulp Fashion: The Art of Isabelle de Borchgrave.

Exquisite best describes the paper made trompe l'oeil gowns that will be on view from February 5th to June 5th. That gives us plenty of time to make that road trip we keep talking about. The following works from Legion's collection - Massimo Stanzione's Woman in Neapolitan Costume, Jean-Léon Gérôme's  The Bath, Konstantin Makovsky's The Russian Bride’s Attire, Jacob-Ferdinand Voet's Anna Caffarelli Minuttiba, Anthony van Dyck's Marie Claire de Croy and Child and Jean-Antoine Watteau, The Foursome. - served as an inspiration for the artist to turn her muses (paper and textiles) into a haven of art and couture history.

Knowing that de Borchgrave is a painter first is all the more reason to find her three dimensional pieces that much more fascinating. As if creating the illusion on canvas were not enough, it needed to malleable and alive in presence.

I'm always one for traveling to another place and time ... now to decide do we fly or take the drive? Hmmm.

(Photos from Legion of Honor site)