Juicing for Beauty


raw juice for beauty theartmuseSometime last year, I learned that I had a vitamin deficiency. Although my doctor recommended a long list of vitamins, he strongly encouraged a whole new lifestyle including exercise. I can't say I was eating anything really bad but my meals were not balanced at all and my cardio time was pretty non-existent. There were days I would just skip meals because of work, which later caused me to sit and scarf down a large dinner. Really not a good habit and it's still something I have to work on everyday. My doctor urged me to eat basically anything a cave woman would eat, get an hour of cardio into my daily routine, take my vitamins and use my juicer. I've since fallen in love with juicing (not in love with exercise as of yet!). Something about it makes me feel like I'm doing something great for myself. I love it so much, I shared a recipe on Babble Beauty. Not only do I feel a boost in energy, my skin's appearance looks healthier once again proving that we are what we eat!