Brooklyn born artist Nicola Lopez took over the rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum by creating a site-specific sculptural collage environment called Landscape X: Under Construction. This installation is part of the museum's ongoing series Intervals, where artists are invited to create new works within and outside of the museum walls.

Lopez's installation challenges the typical visual vocabulary of construction sites by altering the spatial experience. Within the parameters of the space, we are allowed to defy danger and enter forbidden areas. Don't we love to do what we can't? For instance, trespassing and walking into the wrong lane are all just fine. However, watch out, the walls and the ceiling are one and create a distorted view of what is up ahead. I can imagine the illusion must heighten the viewer's awareness of their architectural surroundings. If you get the opportunity to walk through this haphazard course, do tell. The show opens October 11.