There's something about being in the presence of Frida Kahlo's work that sends a chill up my spine. It taps into every human emotion imaginable. Boo to the guard who didn't let me photograph her work during my visit to LACMA yesterday. But, all the better. I stood in front of Las Dos Fridas for a substantial amount of time - cameraless - alone with my thoughts and the work. I had forgotten just how powerful this piece was in person. Can you imagine several galleries of Fridas and other greats like Dorothea Tanning, Alice Rahon and Lee Miller? And when I say the greats - I'm referring to the Women of Surrealism. Although men take the credit for this movement, female artists play an extremely pivotal role in the visual narrative of this time. Not as a muse propped on a chaise fulfilling a fantasy - but as powerful voices seeking to reconstruct their identities. In Wonderland is the first exhibition completely devoted to female surrealists from Mexico and the United States, which I found to be fascinating as I really was not aware of how much it had grown from its European roots. The show goes up January 29th and will be on view until May 6th.

Thank you LACMA