The owners of Corey Helford Gallery were considering the new wave of parents who attend art shows with child in tow when curating their current exhibition In the Nursery - A darker version of classic tales. I don't really think this was a stretch though, as I feel many nursery stories are dark and actually quite scary when you think of it - I mean, in The Three Little Pigs, the wolf falls to his death through the chimney into a boiling pot of water. And what about Hansel and Gretel's adventure through the dark forest? I don't know what is worse, being abandoned by your father in the middle of nowhere with only bread crumbs to your name or spending an afternoon getting plumped up by a manipulative old lady so she can have you for dinner. These stories are just eery. In fact, this now reminds me of my son's nursery theme - Hey Diddle Diddle. The walls were bright yellow and blue, resembling sunlight and night at once. It was sort of a dream space with talking moons and lots and lots of cows.  Interesting.

Needless to say, I loved this show. As one of those parents who goes to art shows with child in tow and as the the woman responsible for a room where a multitude of cats played a fiddle to epically scary proportions, the work sparked up a fun and interesting dialogue about our current perception of these characters we grew up with.

The show will be up until Feb. 9th. Have a look and let me know what you think.

(First three images from LA Times: The Healing Study and Sanctuary by Ray Caesar, The Very First Time by Chris Anthony, Beloved by Ray Caesar/ Jan and Bruce Helford/ Gattus by Anita Kunz/ Big Bad Wolf by Paul Frank/ Last Frontier by Harma Heikens/ Furry Felicia by Colin Christian)