holidaynails theartmusenail art brush rhinestones theartmuse glitterpen theartmuse holiday nails theartmuse I'm so ready for the holidays! To get into the spirit, I decided to do a simple moonicure with a bit a sparkle. Who doesn't love sparkle? I'm also trying to let my nails breathe (and grow out) from months and months of gel manicures that soften and weaken the nail. I'm a nail biter so the more sparkly they are, the better! I used The Thrill of Brazil by OPI and purchased a nail art rhinestone kit. To create the moon shape you can use the Sally Hansen strips I used here, or you can go freehand like I did using a Detailer Brush by Orly. Before starting, I fixed up my cuticles and moisturized my hands. I simply used the Detailer Brush to outline the arch that will expose the bare nail. I filled in the rest of the nail with my polish and let it dry for about 30 minutes. I applied Sally Hansen's UV Top Coat and let that dry for about 20 minutes. I applied another coat but this time I added the rhinestones to each nail. If you get polish around your cuticle, you can use a small paint brush or q-tip with nail polish remover to clean that right off.

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