I can get used to this blogging thing, especially if it means I can do things like drink tea at The Chamberlain with Victoria's Secret Angels. Not a bad gig at all. From Fantasies to Gorgeous, sign me up. Lindsay is promoting this new line, and I love it. It's super mild, sweet and airy. I'm very picky about perfumes. I'm not a fan of fragrances that walk into the room before the person. Gorgeous has that matter of fact, non-intrusive "fling my hair and walk by" delicious effect that I love. And oh, how cute is the bottle? I see this being part of the collection that I use as a centerpiece for my vanity table. I have bottles that I have never touched because they're just too pretty to look at.

I hope you have fabulous weekend. I will be doing the soccer game and art show thing. And maybe ... maybe ... I'll have some time to paint my studio? I bought a very light, soft blue color to go with my antique white desk. I love the way the color looks with fresh flowers. Hmmm, perhaps I'm a bit inspired by today's post.

Thanks to Dream Team and Victoria's Secret for hooking this all up. Jules and Aimee, so great meeting you.