As of late, I've been keeping my eye on Men's fashion - Taking notes of the tailoring, structure and silhouettes. I think my interest took form a few years ago actually during the film Inception. Aside from the dreams vs. reality plot, I really could not get passed the refreshing sight of exquisitely dressed men scene after scene.

I love a nice suit, a strong watch and great shoes. I also think this look should be paired with a manicured scruff, but that's an entirely different post. Ahem, back to clothes and shoes. My interest went up a notch when I stopped by Barker Black on Robertson last week during Fashion's Night Out. Each shoe is carefully crafted and personalized down to its hand written shoe size and tacked sole - taking shoe design back to its traditional form and the forgotten art of craftsmanship sadly taken over by mass production. To further enhance my already existing obsession with the UK, the brand is quintessentially British and suits the refined yet edgy style of dress. After seeing way too many flip flops this summer, I'm ready to see laces and covered up feet. Enough of that. As I left the shop, I wondered does anyone even go to a shoe repair shop anymore? I remember getting my shoes re-soled as a child and spending an entire day fitting for the right shoe - It was an investment, of sorts.

Thank you Blink Los Angeles and Barker Black for the invitation into your world of modern and hand crafted design.