fashion night out


Sometimes I get so caught up yammering on with my friends, I forget to take pictures. What kind of blogger am I? And how could I forget? I walk around like a tourist with my Nikon 24/7. Either way, that's exactly what happened on Thursday for Fashion Night Out. Too busy talking with Ana, Tania, Nicole and Ericka to stop and snap pics. Fortunately, the Rodeo Drive Committee hooked me up with pictures or else this post would have been a total dud. We had a great time. It was a gorgeous night to stroll Rodeo Drive with friends. We grabbed sliders and ice cream from the food trucks. Talked fashion, art, food and family life. Stopped at Chanel to get their La Rouge lipstick and fell in love with Valentino's coats. The streets were lit up and alive with Cirque du Soleil performers and a Ferris Wheel. I was too busy enjoying the moment and the small moments in between. Some serious female bonding took place. It wasn't until I got in the car that I notice I had a camera around my neck.

Thank you Becky for your lovely photos and the Donahue Group for hooking this all up.