es el momento


Today Univision kicks off a seven day campaign called ¡Edúcate, Es el momento! in an effort to impact Hispanic educational attainment. Tons of activities will be taking place this week, including a blogger outreach like this one. The cool thing about this program is that every day there will be a different theme. Today's focus is How to interest youth in Science & Math. I had other choices but decided to stick with math and science. Now why would an arts educator choose this? Simple. There are dozens upon dozens of ways to combine art with science and math - at home and in the classroom. In fact, when I was a student, an integrated approach always worked best for me. My son, on the other hand, does well with math and science, and enjoys art when it's connected to those subjects (He loves Mondrian and Rousseau for that reason). Doing art projects together is always a fun balance for us because he and I learn so much during the process.

Combining our left brain/right brain strengths, my son and I decided to pick a subject that is culturally relevant to us. He loves rain forests and animals, so we looked up El Yunque in Puerto Rico. We were a bit nervous about getting into painting a waterfall, so we chose a Plumeria Rubra and decided to do a very Diego Rivera inspired painting. We talked a bit about the golden ratio and measured our canvas. We also looked up video about El Yunque, their flowers and natural habitat.

And of course we had to add our friend the Coqui!

The internet has a wealth of integrated lesson plans. Incredible Art is a great resource. If you'd like more info on ¡Edúcate, Es el momento! here you GO.

(Acrylics on illustration board. Coqui was done on poster board. Flower image title hyperlinked to source. All materials from Blick)