disneyholidays theartmuseRecently, my family was invited by Disney to spend two awesome and fun days at the park. Several of my dear friends, who also write for Disney Babble were invited as well to get the holiday fun started.

What can I say about Disney? I grew up watching Bambi, reading Snow White and livening up the pages of Cinderella coloring books. I'd been to the park several times in my life, but this time around (maybe it's age or perhaps this new chapter in my life), I felt the special Disney magic I felt as a child. Being with my son, the love of my life and my wonderful friends while celebrating the upcoming holidays made me feel like kid again. I was carefree and nostalgic as we went soaring over California and watched the beautiful twinkle of lights at World of Color, which is a display of fire, color fountains, fog and laser effects along with film clips on a water screen.

I thought my son would feel too old for Disney. But that wasn't the case at all. In fact, my friends being as awesome as they are, made sure to include him in all their roller coaster adventures (since I don't do those) like if we were all one big family. So he got to enjoy everything from swirling around upside to my personal favorite ride It's Small World , which is beautifully designed for the holidays. I also got a kick of out of seeing the big smile on his face whenever he saw Buzz and Woody. Those were the characters he grew up with, and I can see still see that four year old full of wonderment and excitement, who could not get enough of Toy Story.

One of the coolest things about the invitation was being able to walk around the park after it closed. I never felt the quiet of the park ever before, especially on a perfectly cool night while sipping hot apple cider. It was one of those moments you look around, take a deep breath and simply enjoy everything around you. Thank you so much to Disney for this special invitation. And thank you to my friends for just being who they are. It was a great time, and I will definitely be back to Disney very soon!